Sunsera Black Seed Hair Oil Review

Sunsera Natural Black Seed Hair Oil


Ksh 500 ($4.00)

I was informed that it will soon be stocked at The last time I checked it was not available but you can purchase it from as it offers worldwide shipping. 

1. Improves hair texture
2. Hair fall control
3. Adds volume

I used Sunsera black seed hair oil to seal my hair cuticles after moisturizing my hair and the hair did feel smoother and looks shinier. I can therefore say that it improves hair texture. 

Scientists at the University of Rome verified the effectiveness of black seed oil which is also known as or black cumin or kalonji in treating hair loss when they conducted a study with patients with telogen effluvium which is a type of hair loss. 

In this study, half the participants massaged their scalps daily with a lotion containing 0.5% Nigella Sativa for 3 months and the other half used a placebo. 70% of the black seed hair oil group were noted to have significant improvement of their hair density and hair thickness.  

However, one of its best known uses is that of treating hair loss. Traditionally black seed oil was applied to the bald spots after they had been massaged with a lemon or lime juice. It was left on for 30 minutes before being washed off. 

This oil was also mixed with double its amount (e.g 1 cup black seed oil and 2 cups coconut oil) and applied to the scalp for 30 minutes before being washed off to prevent hair loss. 

The oil from the seeds of this miracle herb was mixed with olive oil and mehandi powder to form a paste for clearing dandruff. It was also used to treat fungal infections of the skin after the area has been cleaned with vinegar.

produce an oil which has been used for centuries to treat a wide range of conditions that include high blood pressure, diarrhea, arthritis and anorexia (loss of appetite). 

I decided to use this oil to make my natural hair conditioner. I used
1/4 cup Sunsera Black Seed Hair Oil
1/4 cup aloe vera gel
1/4 cup coconut milk
1 cup coconut oil
I mixed all the ingredients by hand and got this creamy conditioner that I left my hair soft and supple.

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