Natural Soap Sample Size Review

I liked the full size bar that I bought and reviewed here so much that I went and bought the sample sizes to try out all the scents they had.

Natural Soap

Rosemary and honey

A hard to describe scent, not the typical rosemary as it is somewhat floral, though quite faint.

Lemon and honey

A barely perceptible scent which I would recommend for the men who do not want to walk around smelling like a flower.

Geranium and chamomile 

This is my favorite scent - a delicate floral that I absolutely love. 

Not listed as these were sample sizes of just 20 grams each. However you can read the ingredients of the full size Geranium and Chamomile review here.

Each samples size of 20 grams was Ksh 50 ($ 0.70).

Neem Pharmacy in Nairobi, Kenya

These sample sizes were packed in a brown paper bag.

I generally like sample sizes because you have very little to lose if you do not like the product.

However in this case I lost nothing because I liked all the three trial size soaps. My favorite is the geranium and chamomile.

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