Acne Skin Care Tips

Dear Doctor, what skin care tips can you give a person with acne?

My top acne skin care tips are as follows:

Cleanse twice a day
Wash your skin to remove the oil and dirt which contribute to clogging the skin pores twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. 

When washing your face do it gently with your fingertips and do not scrub it with a rough wash cloth.

Use an active cleanser
Use a cleanser that contains acne treatment ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. 

Examples include Clean and Clear Acne Cleanser which contains 10% benzoyl peroxide and Neutrogena Oil-free Acne Wash which contains salicylic acid.

Use a noncomedogenic moisturizer
Apply an oil free, noncomedogenic (will not clog the skin pores) moisturizer that contains acne treatment ingredients like salicylic acid to your skin twice a day after washing. 

A good example is Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturizer with 0.5% Salicylic Acid.
Use 2 moisturizers
If you have combination skin and develop breakouts in your T-zone (i.e. the forehead and around the nose and chin), apply a gel based moisturizer for the oily part and a lotion for the dry parts.

If your entire face is oily you can also use two moisturizers, one for day time with sun protection factors (SPF) and another one for the night with acne controlling ingredients.

Wash after working out    
Cleanse your face and shower with a body wash that contains salicylic acid immediately after working out.

Exfoliate chemically
Use natural fruit acids to exfoliate or remove the dead cells on the skin's surface since this can help unblock the pores. 

Examples include the alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) like glycolic acid.

Use a comedone extractor
Break the habit of squeezing and picking pimples by using a comedone extractor since it helps prevent the development of large acne scars. This vital acne tool is available in many beauty shops in Kenya.  

Use water based makeup
Use water based makeup that is also noncomedogenic. If possible use makeup which also contains ingredients like salicylic acid and sulfur as these help control acne.

Wash your makeup brushes
Wash your brushes frequently with a mild facial cleanser and leave them to air dry. In addition, replace the sponges regularly to avoid spreading bacteria. If possible, apply your makeup with clean cotton wool balls that you can dispose after a single use.

Change your hairstyle
Keep your hair off your face by avoiding fringes since the oils from greasy hair products can also clog the skin pores on the face.

Clean your mobile phone
Mobile phones can harbor a lot of germs and transfer them to the face when one is chatting. Therefore wipe your phones with antibacterial wipes.

Wash your pillow case weekly
Wash your pillow cases weekly to avoid reapplying the oils from your hair on your face as you sleep. 

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