Acne Scar Prevention

Dear Skin Doctor, what can I do to prevent acne scars?

My top acne scar prevention tips include:
1. Do not pop or squeeze pimples. This increases the inflammation and increases the chances of forming big scars.  

2. Use a comedone extractor to get rid of white heads. This is a much better option than squeezing the pimples. 

3. Consult a skin doctor and get acne treated as soon as you notice a small pimple rather than wait for it to become a cyst.

4. Keep a reliable acne spot treatment at home so that you have something to zap the zits as soon as they begin. A good example is Neutrogena Acne Spot Treatment.

5. Do not use harsh skin care products on your face like deodorant body soaps or face scrubs with rough bits since they can irritate the skin and increase the inflammation.

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